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24/7 Therapy Session

This piece that I'm sharing with you below is a very special piece. I say that because every time I look at it - I feel something in the pit of my stomach.


Title: 24/7 Therapy Session

Assembly time: 2 hours / 2 therapy sessions

Date of Creation: July 2018

Size: 8x11 inches (without frame)

Medium: mixed Media on Paper

I spent about 5 months in therapy. Clinical therapy.

Every Monday at 1pm, I'd use my lunch hour for my well needed sessions. I made art during a few of my session. This is one of them.

I had no real expectations when I went to therapy. I just needed someone other than my family and best friends to hear me out. hear what I had to say and maybe sympathize with me?

I was experiencing some really challenging transitions in my life & no one knew how much I was hurting. I was soooooooo good at hiding it. Like sooo good. Acted all cool calm & collected on the outside. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in my bathtub for HOURS mourning.

Yea, mourning.

After I created this piece tho, I guess the expectation was for me to speak on it. No biggie right?


As soon as I looked at it, I choked. The Session ended early that day. She told me to write what I was feeling.

Here is a scan of the hand written journey entry of what I was feeling:

Date: August 1st, 2018

I was mourning but the sun still rose every - single - morning.


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