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HANDLE WITH CARE Maya Angelou x HWC Mixed Media Collage on board 2022.jpg


Handle With Care

Handle With Care is an immersive body of work that evokes the fragility and diversity within the black community. It celebrates the lost, the forgotten and highlights the people who are dedicated to being change agents within the diaspora.

Maya Angelou, Handle with Care

Collage, brown paper bag, jewelry & rhinestone on board



Within the Adornment Series, the “First Lady” collection explores and celebrates Black women but also places the importance of storytelling and the preservation of Black culture. The series pays homage to women across the globe who have crafted possibilities in a world that denied the opportunity. 

Shirley Chisholm

Collage and Photo transfer on paper

ADORNMENT Shirley Chisholm 17in x 17in Collage on Paper 2022.jpg



You're Black Because You're Not White (Y.B.B.Y.N.W.) is an 14ft installation that puts age-old colorism colloquialisms front and center. This display calls attention to divisive labels dating as far back to slavery that are still alive and well today.

The Brown Girl

Collage on paper & digital edits



The Committed collection reflects one of many self-discoveries: the necessity of mental health therapy for the modern Black woman. The collection explored what standing in power looks like while still giving yourself the space to fall apart. 

Lost Daughters

Collage on paper & monstera leaf 

COMMITTED  Lost Daughters Collage on Card Board 10x11 in 2020.JPG
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