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What we see changes who we are.

When we act together, the whole thing is much

more than the sum of the parts. So I hope that, together,

we will create something that the world will remember. -JR




Melissa Sutherland Moss is a multidisciplinary collage and typography artist that hails from East Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York. She discovered the love for her craft in high school through painting, drawing and sculpting. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting from Southern Connecticut University. Melissa also holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Springfield College in Springfield, MA.

Shortly after starting professional counseling work, Melissa she carved her lane in the art world by producing her first collage collection, “Committed.” This debut collection explores identity, self acceptance and finding peace amid chaos. Her sophomore collection, “You’re Black because You’re Not White,” is a typography collection of typography and collage works which unapologetically puts colorism colloquialisms front and center.  This collection serves as a necessary wake up call that draws attention to divisive labels that plague communities of color. 

Since launching her professional artistry career, Melissa has had the honor of features in Doodle Wars: Episode 8, Air Gallery, Greenpoint Gallery, VMNation Studios (Brooklyn), The New York Coffee Festival (NYC & California), and Women Made Gallery (Chicago). Melissa’s mission as an artist is to explore and unpack every facet of her identity through her work. The collage and typography she produces is a reminder that standing in your power also looks like giving yourself the space to fall apart. Her ultimate goal as an artist is to forever make art that grants people permission to be multifaceted. 


Melissa’s mission of the exploration of identity reaches far past her own practice. In 2018, she co-founded a gallery in Brooklyn, NY called sk.ArtSpace which serves as a safe space for creatives of color to express themselves in an environment that understands and works to preserve the integrity of their craft. Within that space, she curates exhibitions with the goal of redefining cultural narratives and sharing unique aspects of the Black experience.